Why using a TV if you got an aquarium charming you by its wonders???? Lighting, seaweeds, very beautiful human manufactured and then fishes... amazing creatures without thoughts... this is what people do believe.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Characters

quelli famosi
Mobu is the classic solitary and thinking red fish, Mobu as every good red fish sapiens also speaks. Ironic, big chatterbox, thinker insane and big eater , it is capable of to get mixed up the existence creating around of him an unlimitedness of cosmic problems also where known physics must be surrendered. He lives in in a beautiful aquarium, so big that nobody knows the width, with other strange characters, between them there is AL, his half subconscience materialized in a small wooden sculpture. Mobu is in continuous conflict with his creator, that he forces him to hallucinatory adventures at the edge of the imagination; often feels alone and far from everything, but thanks to his superpower (the insanity) he attracted million the fans from all the galaxy that, every day, they lean out to the glass of his immense world.

AL is a wooden sculpture of mysterious origin, indefinite and unknown age, he is certainly it has more than 10.000 years but he shows at least half. He has never told his dark past, we can think of his beautiful face (or ugly face) that the hand of his mesoamerican creator had to be really in trouble in the moment the creation.
It is the incarnation or the “wood-action” of the conscience of Mobu, his companion of aquarium from the first comic strip. He is serious and always realist, it should be the wise side of the "red gills" (Mobu), but often limits itself in of the subtles wisecracks 

and morally destructive for the 
brain of the small red fish. He would want to have a girlfriend with which to live until the mummification of the times, but that she doesn't also originate from the head of Mobu. This last secret only I know it, 
because that I am their creator.



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